What does it mean to be kidney confident?

It can be frightening to receive a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD). I hear you.

You’re not alone. It is estimated that 1 in 10 of us in the UK have CKD of some level. However, only 30000 are currently on dialysis and roughly 3000 receive transplants each year.

So, it is very unlikely that you will ever need one of these treatments.  However, you may require more specialist care at some point.

Our kidneys do an incredible amount of work and are involved in so many surprising bodily processes.

My job is to leave you feeling confident in your ability to optimise your diet and lifestyle and keep those wonderful organs healthy. And, if necessary, to manage any dietary adjustments related to your CKD that may crop up.


Why work with me and what will our sessions look like?

A large chunk of my NHS dietetic career has been spent working with those who have advanced stages of CKD, with many receiving treatment such as dialysis or having recently received a transplant.

Whilst, my private work often focuses on the earlier stages of CKD. The diagnosis often comes out of the blue, causing understandable concern.

So, in our sessions, I will help you understand what is happening in your body, the role of any prescribed medications and the evidence for dietary and lifestyle change. We’ll focus on what you can realistically achieve and work on gradual sustainable changes.

With diabetes and high blood pressure being the main causes of CKD, keeping tight control over these conditions may feature heavily in our consultation too.

That way, you can make informed decisions and maintain as high a quality of life and as low a level of anxiety around your diagnosis as possible.

If you’d like to know more, do book a free 15 minute chat here or email me at annabeljalder@gmail.com. Or, go to my Services and Packages page to see my fees.

Having been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, I realised through research that each person has specific needs and the internet can only provide generic information. I began my journey and finding Annabel literally changed my life, health and mindset. Annabel provided personalised dietary information tailored to my specific needs, medical condition and life style. She is very motivational, knowledgeable, supportive and professional. I cannot recommend Annabel strongly enough. I would like to thank her sincerely for her kindness and continued support.
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Seeking advice for CKD

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