What is Functional Imagery Training (FIT)?

FIT is a skill that I can teach you. It is a proven and immensely effective add on to the already widely used behaviour change approach known as Motivational Interviewing. 

If I work with you on your particular health concern, I can weave this approach into our dietetic consultations. Especially if your motivation for change feels a little fluffy around the edges.

As ever, our sessions will ensure you leave informed about your condition with a personalised plan for change. The bonus is that you will be taught a skill that will keep you on track, overcome obstacles and achieve long-lasting goals.

Be warned, this is no quick fix and, as with all change, most of the work will be done by you, but the homework will be as inspiring and fun as you want it to be.


How does Functional Imagery Training work?

Imagery is used in a variety of ways in FIT and we tend to start by evoking your WHY? Vivid imagery will supercharge your WHY, tapping into all your senses. You create a mini-movie that you’ll want to binge watch.

Have you ever walked into a house and had a strong gut feeling that you need to get out of there immediately?

Has anyone ever smelled so good that you wanted to hug them?

Has the thought of someone you love coming to visit made tidying the house that bit less onerous?

What we see, what we smell, what we hear, what we touch and what we feel in our heart or our gut can evoke strong emotions, and these emotions make us act…. they make us run away, move closer to someone or create a sweet-smelling house to welcome our visitor.

It’s these powerful emotional responses that FIT draws on.

The aim of FIT is to replace that strong desire to behave in a way that is sabotaging your happy and healthy future with a compelling craving to achieve it. The process takes the power out of the desire to stay in bed and switches it for an overpowering urge to put on your trainers and get out there.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not great at visualising or have lost your sense of smell. If you still respond emotionally to any sense, you can succeed with FIT.

By repeatedly using and embellishing these must-watch mini-movies, you change the patterns in your brain that have kept you stuck for years. That’s where you become the trainer.

But the imagery doesn’t stop at the WHY. It also helps you work on the WHAT and the HOW. WHAT really needs to change and HOW will you overcome the obstacles to success?

This is not just about daydreaming – it’s about doing.

Are you stuck in a rut and ready to imagine your way out of it? You can book a free 15 minute chat here or email me at annabeljalder@gmail.com.

Advanced Practitioner in Functional Imagery Training

Year of qualification: 2024

Training received from: Dr Linda Solbrig (in affiliation with the University of Plymouth, UK).

Functional Imagery Training (FIT) – University of Plymouth


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