Sharing the Wave.

Would you be interested in taking part in a (free) pilot project with me?

I’m looking for up to 8 women who are experiencing any stage of the menopause and who have spent too many years at odds with their body shape and stuck in a dieting cycle.

If that’s you and you feel that you would benefit from an online (Zoom) group workshop consisting of evidence-based information and mutual peer support sessions, please get in touch.

Start date to be confirmed.



What does the course entail?

This pilot course will consist of four weekly sessions lasting 1 to 1.5 hours.

The sessions will be a mixture of teaching and guided discussion. We’ll focus on what is happening in our body and how our diet and lifestyle can help maintain our quality of life and health during the menopause and be curious about the roots of those exhausting battles with body image and food.

You would need to be able to commit to all 4 sessions but the dates and times would be agreed based on the group members’ availability.

(I must point out that this isn’t a counselling session and I couldn’t offer the tailored support required by those with diagnosed eating disorders. Please seek specialist advice if this is the case.)


How many thousands of hours of your life have you spent stuck in a dieting mindset?

Gradually, your body has started to change and your sense of control is now being challenged even further, alongside a list of other random symptoms and overwhelming emotions.

Welcome to the menopause!

But wait. Has it ever occurred to you that your menopausal years might be just as long, or even longer, than your ‘fertile’ years?

Whilst puberty is a tricky time for many, there is the prospect of a future filled with romantic liaisons, independence from parents and, for some, of becoming a parent themselves.

When was the last time someone listed the positives of a post-menopausal life?

From my experience, it’s a rare occurrence in most Western Cultures but, in some places in the world, there isn’t even a word for the menopause; life is simply on a continuum. In many cultures and much of the animal world, the older females have a much-revered position as leaders and supporters of their community. Where did we go so very wrong?

Come and explore our shared experiences of this progression into the next phase that Nature has in store for us.

How is it for you? A relatively smooth moving walkway, a gritty ride on the waves or a hot coal walk.

However you personally experience the menopause, for all of us, it’s a progression. It isn’t an end or a pool of stagnant existence. We’re going somewhere, we might not know exactly where but we can decide what baggage we take with us.

You might just free up a whole lot of hours in this phase of life to be you and to follow your passions. I’m so looking forward to sharing these moments with you.

And, of course, I would value your feedback to help me create a service which makes the menopausal journey a little more navigable.


This is a free pilot (Beta) course of 4 weekly sessions. Places are limited to 8.

Please contact me at if this sounds like your kind of thing.

 Dates tbc based on group preferences.

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