Gestational Diabetes for Birth Workers.

Gain the confidence to support your clients with Gestational Diabetes.

Enable your clients to make informed decisions about their care.


This course includes an Introductory Session and 7 teaching sessions.

  • What goes on in the body from a physiological point of view to cause a woman to develop Gestational Diabetes?
  • What are the causes and what is the chance of developing it? How is it diagnosed?
  • What are possible negative outcomes of poorly controlled blood glucose levels?
  • How can diet and lifestyle help?
  • What medications might be prescribed?
  • The monitoring of blood glucose levels.
  • The emotional burden and what can we do to lighten it: We’ll be addressing the 7 key questions which newly-diagnosed women often ask.

Most sessions last between roughly 15 and 25 mins. The session on Dietary Treatment however lasts 35 mins.

Each session is accompanied by:

  • A summary of the session contents
  • Links to relevant studies and guidelines
  • Session specific extras

A lively mixture of words and graphics to keep you fresh and open to learning.

Listen, see and read. All learning styles accounted for.



I worked in a team with Annabel for several years in a busy UK Hospital Trust caring for women with diabetes in pregnancy. Working alongside her really helped increase my confidence and my ability in practice to respond with sensitivity to the people I looked after. Annabel has a great depth of knowledge and experience in supporting people to learn about how diet and nutrition can improve their health and well-being. She is a wonderful teacher and always has a positive impact on both colleagues and clients.


Diabetes Specialist Midwife

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