Why does my plain yoghurt claim to contain ‘Sugars’ on the nutritional information?

Surely plain yoghurt is sugar-free! It doesn’t taste sweet.

I have supported a number of clients with type 2 diabetes recently who are finding the nutritional information on food packaging confusing.

So, in this blog I will attempt to clarify what the words ‘Carbohydrate’ and ‘Sugars’ refer to on the nutritional information found on food packets, boxes, pots and tubes. That way, you’ll know what you’re eating and can make an informed decision about what you feed yourself and your family.

Importantly, I hope I’ll reassure that your plain yoghurt has had absolutely no sugar added to it. Not that there is anything wrong with having the odd bit of added sugar, whether we’ve added it ourselves to a gooey cake or chosen to enjoy a couple of scoops of pistachio (my favourite) ice cream whilst lounging on the beach.

I know I’m not the most up to date with my media and graphic design skills. However, not everyone relishes reading pages of text, so here is my attempt at a natty little video, to help unpick the packaging info. Just click the link below.

Unpicking carbohydrate on food labels


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